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Three winning pups from each category will be selected by our "celebrity" judges panel. All dogs are eligible to enter the final Best in Show Competition at the
end of the program. Each participating dog will receive a special Project: Puppy Pageant medal.

All participating dogs must be spayed or neutered and be up-to-date on shots, etc. , and be leashed at all times.

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Event Information

Sunday, Nov. 5 1PM

Best of Omaha Festival

@ Baxter Arena

Project: Puppy Pageant is divided into four categories and an overallBest of Show
competition. The categories include: Diva/Dandy {dress up and get fierce} Ugly/Cute {those precious ones}Free Spirit {show off that rascally personality} and Talented {it's trick time, work it}
Project: Puppy Pageant is a not-for-profit fundraising event for the 4-H youth development program of Douglas and Sarpy counties. 
Pageant Categories
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